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INOX CINEMAS Theatres Multiplex Review- INOX MOVIES

Indians are crazy about movies, that is a given. With so many movies releasing every single year, you can’t find a person who isn’t a movie buff. Almost the entire nation looks forward to movies of their favourite artists, be it the regional language or even international movies. If you are one of them and know and understand the importance of movies, you’d also understand the importance of the popularity of INOX movies as well.

The INOX movie theatre chain has established itself in every nook and cranny of the country to bring forth an overwhelming movie watching experience like never before. With so many Bollywood, regional and even Hollywood movies releasing every single year, it is a necessity to ensure the maximum viewing experience without any sort of compromise whatsoever.


If you have been wondering where it all started for INOX Leisure and how far the brand has come and has established itself in the market, then keep on reading. We will try to portray every single detail that you possibly need to know about INOX and the importance it holds in our lives in today’s date.


Where did it all start?

For those wondering, INOX leisure kickstarted back in 1999 and since then, they have lived up to their motto of bringing forth better changes and impacts in one’s movie-watching experience.

Their main objective and motto are to be the leader in the cinema exhibition industry in every single aspect, right from the prospects of quality as well as the choice of the cinema involved in this. They provide varied experiences all across the country, from the movie to the eatables and great satisfaction that many don’t even realize about.

They believe in providing their users with an exceptional experience that they just can’t compete with. They blend in the prospects of Luxury, service as well as technology to bring forth a better movie-watching experience for the viewers. The halls have been designed to provide the latest technological innovations and the maximum comfort without any kind of compromise whatsoever.

With such a diverse audience existing all across the country, the main aim that INOX aims for is to make it friendly for every single person to is into movies. They started with the normal screens with the INOX Leisure but then branched out to IMAX and Insignia to further enhance the viewing experience of the users without any kind of complaints whatsoever.

It was then who brought along the very first theatre with the MX4D experience for the users to never compromise on their experience. The 270-degrees multi-projection system is yet another one of the factors that do lead to the best experience for the audience.

Today, INOX has over 144 multiplexes open across 68 cities in the country. They are the fastest-growing multiplex chain in India and all for the right reasons. Just last financial year, they introduced over 85 screens for the audience to enjoy the movies on.

What makes them so loved?

With the basic introduction around the same done, the next thing about the INOX movies that we would love to highlight is the USP of it. There are several factors about this movie theatre chain that is gaining such popularity. If you are planning on watching a movie, chances are that you are going to incline towards this.

If you are wondering what makes them so different, some of the reasons include:

  • Better screens and viewing experience


The primary and possibly one of the pivotal reasons why this multiplex has been gaining such rapid growth is because of the kind of viewing experience they provide. With so many screens available all across India, you are definitely in for a ride. Every single screen is high definition to ensure that the picture quality isn’t upsetting at all. This is one of the reasons why people do believe that it is value for money and don’t end up struggling through with it. In addition to that, the colour pay off of the screen is pretty amazing as well, so you don’t necessarily have to worry about why it is not a good one. For the ticket price that you pay, this is worth every last penny that one spends.


  • Better audio surround

The main reason why INOX has become one of the fastest-growing multiplex chains in India is because of the kind of sound and an overall experience one gets with their movie. Because every single theatre is soundproof with the necessary equipment, you can feel every single movement, bass and the dialogue that the actors are saying on screen. It helps you connect better with the movie, which is one of the reasons why it is such a sought after place after all. The speakers are also quite amazing and have an incredible audio output to ensure that you don’t experience any kind of issues with the clarity of the audio that you are hearing.

  • Better comfort

Comfort during the cinema is a necessity. You can’t necessarily expect to pay a good amount only to end up sitting on a tough chair with no comfort in it at all. That is not something anyone wants or expects from the movie experience. This is one of the reasons why INOX has propelled in its business because the kind of experience you get from the seats and the temperature of the theatre is something you wouldn’t possibly get with some of the other ones. The prices are reasonable, but you are assured of the best kind of experience without any kind of compromise at all. If you want an overall better experience with your movie, INOX does make it possible.

  • Better prices

There are several competitors for INOX in the Indian market right now, but the one reason why it has stayed and impacted its presence in the market is because of its reasonably priced tickets. It is not the cheapest, of course, but for the price that you pay, you are not going to regret it one bit. You must get a wholesome experience for the ticket price and INOX makes sure of that without any kind of compromise at all. The only thing that you need to look around for is to ensure that you focus on the price point of the ticket and compare them to the other available ones.

  • Better accessory services

Much like every other movie theatre, you are in for a ride with the accessory services that they provide in INOX. They do have eatables available in the theatre that you can make use of. The prices are standard, a bit high when you come to think of it, but the same is the case with the other theatres too, so you can’t necessarily compare. In addition to that, the other factor about this that stands out is the fact that they provide fresh eatables and even have people come to serve it right to your seat if you don’t feel like going around and purchasing stuff.

  • Better accessible bookings

INOX online ticket booking is available. What it means is the fact that you can book your tickets online without any kind of hassle through the process. This is one of the things that many often tend to struggle with. If that is something you don’t want, you will find it on almost all the predominant online ticketing platforms. This makes the booking easier and hassles free which is another reason why this is considered one of the best around without any compromise whatsoever. You can also find coupons online to get discounts which are another positive benefit of the same.


Available multiplexes in the city

As we did mention before, INOX has over 142 multiplexes across multiple cities across the country. To help guide you, we are going to suggest you with some of the best and the most popular ones across the country that the majority of the people know and talk about.


Inox Chennai

The number of multiplexes across Chennai for INOX is still a haze. There are several screens available when people come to talk about INOX Chennai. If you have been around the area and watched movies there, you would know that they provide with all the best features that they stand for. The experience is nothing short of amazing, so you don’t have to compromise with anything that you do pay for. For the most part, the reviews for the multiplexes around Chennai are positive with a better focus on the screens and the food that they serve.


INOX Vizag

Another city that is popular for this chain of multiplexes is INOX Vizag. The screen numbers are consistently increasing with every passing day, making it easier for the locals to watch the best movies on the best screen without any kind of compromise. In addition to that, the users also do get to experience an overall amazing experience in terms of the quality of the seating and the price point for the tickets that they buy.


INOX Hyderabad

Another popular city that highlights the kind of movie watching experience is INOX Hyderabad. They do provide all the basic amenities that they stand for. Every single one of the multiplexes in the city is well maintained, so hygiene won’t be a problem for you at all. They do bring forth the best experience in terms of the seating comfort, the food and of course, the movie quality that you watch on the screen.


INOX Bangalore

Life in Bangalore is pretty fast and rushed, but the one thing that every person in Bangalore believes in is the quality of the movies one can watch in INOX Bangalore can never surpass anything. With so many amazing options available, it isn’t that tough of a job to end up maintaining the consistency with the service all along. This is something that this multiplex chain has maintained time and time. The reviews for all the INOX multiplexes around in Bangalore do agree with the same.


INOX Coimbatore

If you are from Coimbatore and a movie buff, chances are that you already do know about the INOX Coimbatore and the kind of quality service that they provide with. With so many multiplexes already established the number of growing with each passing day. You don’t necessarily have to worry about the prospects at all. The reviews suggest that the theatres are not just well maintained but also live up to all the claims that you are paying for.


INOX Madurai

The last but not least that needs to be highlighted around is INOX Madurai, which is also a raved about the city for the movies. They have good audio and visual quality, so you can be assured that your money isn’t going in vain. In addition to that, the other factor about this theatre that does stand out is the fact that it comes integrated with some of the most comfortable seating, so you can enjoy the movie to the maximum.


Why are reviews important?

One of the factors with INOX cinemas that even the authorities promote is asking the viewers to come forth with their views and their opinions on their experience.

If you just watched a movie in any of the INOX theatres, you must leave a review. Doing so helps other people get an idea of how the theatre is and how well maintained everything is. If there is something that didn’t live up to your expectations, you can even approach the authorities and get the same checked out.


What does the future have in store?

With the high propelling success, the one thing about the INOX has been reported to do is take over the popular South Indian TV channel, SUN TV.

There have been no set date or time when the same is going to happen, but the deeds have been finalized if reports are to be believed. With the constant drops in the shares of SUN TV by 4% and more, INOX thought it good enough move to acquire them and bring forth better changes to again propel the growth of the brand back to its original form.




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